Bet Tracker  (Download Here)

With our day-to-day interactions with other sports bettors, we are surprised at the amount of people that do not know whether he or she is profiting or not when it comes to sports betting.  Generally, the answer is “Well, I win some and I lose some.  I’m not real sure how much I’m up or down”.  This is definitely not the right answer.  It’s important to track your bets for a few reasons shown below

  1. You know instantly whether you’re profiting or losing money
  2. Tracking your bets can help show strengths and weaknesses
  3. After a loss, you can re-examine your bet and handicapping technique to see where you may have gone wrong.

We developed a tracking spreadsheet that we use personally to track all of our bets.  Keep in mind the data on the bet tracker is test data.  Feel free to use our free bet tracker to track all of your bets.  If you try it and decide to like it, be sure and spread the word about our site.

About Bet Tracker

It was designed to be pretty easy to use.  Here are a few examples of how we use it.

Main Screen displaying all bets

Filter by single column (showing only CBB)

Filter multiple columns (showing only CBB picks ATS)